Krista Rhodes is a versatile collaborative pianist, educator, adjudicator, and recording artist in the GTA, Hamilton, and Niagara regions. She has appeared on stages in North America and Europe, and has had her music heard on the Oprah Winfrey Show. During her career, Krista has worked with many choral groups, soloists, opera companies, and orchestras.

Her teaching has brought her to both school boards and music academies, and she collaborates with local universities and colleges.

Recent appearances include the Amadeus Choir and Elmer Iseler Singers of Toronto, the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra, Niagara Symphony, Talisker Players, Symphony on the Bay, Opera Niagara, and the Grand River Chorus. Krista is the accompanist for the Chorus Niagara, Brott Festival Chorus and the Bach Elgar Choir, and resides with her family in Stoney Creek.

Krista’s Philosophy

With a B. Mus, and B. Ed, Krista is the embodiment of several phenomenal gifts and profound talents. She is an impeccable performer, a gifted teacher and a creative artist with perfect-pitch.

Krista is absolutely comfortable sight-reading pieces of any difficulty up to ARCT level and beyond. Additionally, she is a delicate and precise accompanist, deeply attuned to whoever she is accompanying; ensemble or individual. If a performer misses a line, a beat, a word, or page, Krista gently guides them seamlessly back on course, unbeknownst to the audience.

Krista’s passion for teaching has reached students from 4 to 84. She opens a connection with them thanks to her style of communication, which is both uplifting and motivating. Students make incredible natural progress, honed by her skill and genuine love of teaching.

Her performance has been heard with world renowned choirs around Canada, and around the world.

Krista is a rare talent among talents.

Krista finds herself balancing her time between teaching, performing, recording, and writing with her daughter Charlotte, son Adrian and husband Glen. 

No matter what your piano needs, Krista can be there to handle them.  From teaching private students at her studio to performing as a soloist and in collaboration with individuals and ensembles, Krista does it all.  She is also an experienced recording pianist having recorded on many albums and her playing is regularly heard on the Oprah Winfrey Show.


I’ve had the opportunity to work with Krista in a number of capacities, including as a pianist for the HPO’s outreach programming throughout the community. Krista’s professionalism and artistry as well as her adaptability has made her an ideal partner as we bring the joy of orchestral music to the greater Hamilton region.

Diana Weir Director, Communications and Development, Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra

Krista is a gifted , highly skilled musician whose passion for music inspires audiences. She was not just accompanist of the Hamilton Children’s Choir but also very active rehearsal assistant. She is collaborative in every sense of the word, highly effective and fun for everyone involved. Great musician to work with- creative, supportive and highly competent in both rehearsal and performance. She is excellent as a choir accompanist and is comfortable with a wide range of musical styles and great sight reader!

Zimfira Poloz Artistic Director of the Internationally Award Winning Hamilton Children's Choir

I have had the privilege of working with Krista for 6 years on a variety of musical projects, big and small. She is as complete a musical collaborator as a conductor could hope for: she possesses a brilliant technique, she has superb musical skills, and she approaches her work with readiness and enthusiasm. More than that she is a brilliant team player, always focused on helping others. Through her generosity of spirit she shares her passion for music with her fellow musicians: what a gift!

Alexander Cann Artistic Director, Bach Elgar Choir

"Krista is a performer of skill, passion and presence; which is not often found in musicians today. She cares for whom she works, and her dedication to her students exemplifies her skill in music education."

Shawn Grenke Organist & Choral Director

"Krista Rhodes is extraordinarily gifted.  She is a sensitive and insightful accompanist and working with her is a joy.  Her skill as a pianist is complemented by unfailing musical instincts and a highly discerning ear.  As a singer, finding a collaborator like Krista is invaluable to me. I have recommended her countless times and will continue to do so."

Heather Plewes Soprano

"I have worked with many accompanists, and Krista Rhodes is by far the best.  She is a gifted pianist.  Krista is professional, easy to work with, and can play any music you put in front of her perfectly the first time thought.  I would highly recommend any singer to have Krista play for them in a concert, a recording, or for an audition."

Tonia Szkurhan Vocalist

"Krista is gifted with rare musical insight. She plays beautifully with vitality, poise and passion.She teaches music with conviction and grace. Her exuberance is mirrored in her students. As a choral conductor coaxes the best from each and every voice. Her music is meltingly seductive."

Rev. Alison Nicholson

"Krista Rhodes has incredible talent, both as a pianist, and as a teacher.  We have seen such marked improvements since our three boys started taking piano lessons with her.  Even the boys appreciate how far they have come.  They love playing so much now that we rarely have to remind them to practice.  As a student of hers myself, I see that she is an extremely effective and competent teacher of both adults and children.  We are so fortunate to have such a gifted and accomplished person as our teacher."

Shirley Rodrigues Mother of 3 boys aged 6, 8, and 10.

"From 2006 to 2008 I knew Krista when I was a chorister, Concert Secretary and Master of Ceremonies of the Canadian Orpheus Male Choir.  Krista was our accompanist and assistant choral conductor.  She was wonderful!  She was the most talented accompanist with whom I had the pleasure of performing in my 24 years with the choir.  She followed the Director instinctively and blended the piano volume meticulously with the choir whether we had 45 or 65 on stage.  At concerts where a few of the soloists failed to give Krista their complex selections until the night of the performance, without proper rehearsal time, Krista did her part with aplomb and competence. An amazing sight reader! This was a busy time in her life – teaching full time and accompanying our choir. She has contributed much to the music community."

Ron Evans B.A. M.Div.

"Krista is a talented musician. I have heard her play at concerts and the music connects with your soul. I have also experienced Krista as a gifted artist who can create melodies in moments. Krista has helped me to create a meditation CD. When listening to the words, her hands simply weaved over the keys and melodies were magically created.  Once the silence settled, she smiled and humbly asked "was that ok?" Gifted, passionate, humble, creative, artistic, and gentle... these are the words that describe Krista Rhodes."

Shelley Kabelin Holistic Health Care Practitioner

Krista is one of those rare talents who is blessed to be living her soul purpose. There is no doubt about her abilities, competence, and technical prowess. What is magical about working with Krista is her sensitivity to not only the music and its technical demands, but to the energetic needs of those she is working with, as well as her audience. She is a solid, creative collaborator, and there is an undeniable feeling of safety when sharing the stage with Krista, knowing she is always there, picking up on the energy of the room, supporting any and all artistic decisions I may make - Krista does not only accompany, she breathes with me; she not only anticipates, she initiates; and most important of all, she brings out the best of my skills as well. She can sightread literally anything, and improvise as needed, in whatever style. Performing with Krista is never just a show, it is a creative process, which is always filled with great joy and inspiration. I highly recommend working with her in any capacity.

Margaret Bardos Mezzo-Soprano

The key to Krista's success is the unique combination of high professionalism, excellent teaching capabilities, strong results orientation, with artistic qualities, deep intelligence, hard work, and a charming personality.
Krista Rhodes is an optimal choice to satisfy all levels of educational and artistic endeavours.

Parent of Grade 6 and Grade 8 RCM students.

Krista is a talented piano instructor with a gift for connecting with students regardless of age. A virtuoso pianist herself, she inspires with her enthusiasm and dedication to teaching music. She is supportive, communicative, and easily adapts to each student's strengths and interests with creativity making the learning curve as smooth as possible. It's always a pleasure to work with someone who honestly loves what she does.

Sarah Brohman Editing and Communications Consultant

We have been thrilled will the musical instruction and guidance that Krista has provided our daughter. Krista has supported her through lessons, concerts, music festivals and an RCM exam. Her amazing knowledge combined with her kind, nurturing ways has been a great fit for our family. Krista is professional in all settings. Each lesson is organized and runs smoothly to accomplish as much as the student is ready for.  We have been impressed by Krista’s ability to read the student’s abilities and readiness and teach to those individual needs. Each time our daughter works with Krista her enthusiasm for music grows!

Shannon Reny Parent of student

After my own transition from music ministry to ordained ministry, I have had the pleasure of working with a number of fine church musicians. Krista Rhodes is outstanding in that number, not only for her technical excellence, but for the spiritual depth and passion through which she is able to invite a worshipping congregation into a joyous experience of the beauty of God.

Philip Gardner Minister, Melrose United Church Hamilton