Music Monday


I had the pleasure of participating in “Music Monday” at Rousseau Elementary school yesterday. On Music Monday, students from across the country participate in sharing music with their school communities. It is truly an energetic offering of music from thousands of children simultaneously. What a powerful and positive force it was to witness. I could personally feel the energy!

Each school’s assembly had the aim of ending at 12:00, and with the same featured song, “We Are One,” written by 16 year old songwriter Connor Ross. As soon as the backing track and live band (which I was a part of) began this song, every child sitting and standing in that gymnasium lit up. Why? Because they all knew the words. They all knew the tune. Every teacher in the building had practiced this song with their classes. They were EXCITED to sing this song, together. Suddenly all around me there was an impromptu mass choir. Some children were bouncing, others were tapping. Some had eyes closed, some were looking at their friends. It was such a moving sight to see, and the sound of united voices all around me made me instantly happy. Pure happy.

I have taught high school in the past for a number of years, but there is something about the innocence of younger children who aren’t afraid to clap, jump, snap, tap, and sing their lungs out with reckless abandon. I left this assembly behind skipping children, happily traveling to their next class and thought to myself, now this is what Music Education is about. Inspiring pure joy and a universal love for music. An education in music does truly enrich students’ lives by nourishing the soul, and fostering creativity and self-expression. May every day feel like Music Monday in our schools and our homes.